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Panetta & Associati has joined XLNC in Rome

Welcome to Greco Vitali Associati, law firm based in Milan


XLNC welcomes WEDEMEIER in Hanover

EBS Abogados strengthens XLNC in Latin America

A new law firm joins XLNC in Kuwait City

The law firm Szécsényi & Partners joins XLNC in Hungary

XLNC Magazine N°1 | May 2018

ILO is the newest member of XLNC in India

K C Chheda & Co. is the new member of XLNC in Mumbai

XLNC welcomes a new member in Luxembourg

MSW GmbH is the new XLNC member in Berlin

Eurofast Global has joined XLNC in Serbia

XLNC expands in Canada with Bateman MacKay LLP

A new member of XLNC in Italy: Studio Antoniotti

Bercun Law Firm joins XLNC in Buenos Aires

XLNC welcomes the first Georgian member firm

XLNC Magazine N°2 | November 2018

STP Tax Lawyers joins XLNC in Amsterdam

XLNC grows in Italy with Abaco Commercialisti Associati

XLNC expands in France with FED

Vestius strengthens XLNC in The Netherlands

XLNC welcomes its first member in Brazil

A new Swiss member of XLNC: Revizug AG

Eurofast Global in Zagreb has joined XLNC

XLNC welcomes Erickson Kernell IP in the US

XLNC grows in Bavaria with Kreitinger Maierhofer

Demetrios A. Demetriades LLC joins XLNC in Nicosia

Welcome to our new member in Bulgaria

HS & Partners LLP joins XLNC in Canada

Schooten Advies joins XLNC in The Netherlands

XLNC welcomes Trobag AG in Switzerland

The law firm BSMP has joined XLNC in Bucharest

XLNC grows in Budapest with ARKCONSULTING

XLNC keeps growing in Germany with SCHLARMANNvonGEYSO

XLNC Autumn Conference in Madrid

ADVODAN Law Firm is the first XLNC member in Denmark

Welcome to our new law firm: Leitner Hirth Rechtsanwälte

Odit Chartered Accountants is the first XLNC member in Turkey

A new XLNC member in Kuwait: ACCOUNTING CENTER

XLNC grows in Delaware and Pennsylvania

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