Should I move my business to the Cloud?

Cloud software is the new black.  Everyone is doing it, so should you?

Considering it for your business?  Here are our top 8 ways to benefit with a transition to the cloud.

  1. Collaboration

When working with others, whether they are a freelancer in another country, a partner or a client, it is easier when documents are in the cloud. You can work collaboratively together, accessing the same networks and utilising software that enables more than one person to be viewing documents at the same time. 

  1. Reduce IT costs

If you no longer require staff to be in a physical location, then you don’t need as much hardware. You don’t even need a phone handset, even this can be located on the cloud with a VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) phone that can be accessed through a computer.

  1. Cloud Finances

Using a cloud accounting software can allow you to have real time results, stats and reporting at your fingertips no matter where you are. The latest cloud-based solutions with add-ons have significantly changed the way people manage their finance function.  Automation is significantly improving what used to be time intensive tasks enabling businesses to get much more out of their team then before.  

  1. Data protection & recovery

Many hours are wasted each year on businesses recovering data and protecting local server-based environments.  The risk is that even with the best protocols in place data can be lost and unrecoverable.  With cloud-based data you can access it from any internet device. This means that disaster recovery and management is more secure and effective.  Cloud services are housed in remote servers that have the best security systems available. They are always being updated with security updates - this makes them safer than your computer or a local server-based environment.

  1. Remote access

Work anywhere, anytime both domestically and internationally. Work from home, while you are on holidays or when you travel for work. You can access important documents, client information, accounting and customer systems all at your fingertips. This can increase the productivity of your workforce and help to facilitate a flexible working culture.

  1. Scalable

You can add and remove employees and their access at the click of a button enabling your business to be quickly scalable at any point in time.

  1. Always up to date

When you purchase software that you install on your computer, you need to ensure that you always have the latest version. This might include installing an update from the internet or purchasing a more up-to-date version. With cloud based software the updates are automatic meaning you are working off the latest versions without even realising it!

  1. Work life is just easier!

Using the cloud for your business will make your life easier.  Following the benefits my colleague

Kelly Morgan has summarised for you, I can inform you that we at Azure Group have had very positive experiences using the Cloud. We have adopted a fully scalable cloud-based environment for our business and offer a cloud-based solution for our clients called ‘Azure space’.

It is our fuss-free cloud solution where our clients can securely manage their accounting, record keeping, and compliance needs all in one place. Azure Space allows our clients to maintain their company corporate files, keep a record of their compliance affairs and work in a real time

environment with us. It has revolutionised the interaction between our clients and Azure team members.  It has enabled us to attract more international clients and work seamlessly with head offices overseas for reporting purposes.

Azure Group have also implemented various cloud-based platforms that are improving the way in which we operate with our clients.


XLNC MAGAZINE | No. 01 | May 2018

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